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Coming Soon...

Hello all! It's been a while, hasn't it? My life has been crazy busy due to my sister getting married this past weekend and getting ready for my sophomore year of college. Unfortunately, I haven't had much of a chance to read. But now that everything is calming down, I do hope to have my first book review up by the end of next week, August 24th! The book will be Far Side of the Sea by Kate Breslin. It's a historical fiction novel that takes place during World War I. I am very excited to be reviewing this book for you! I will be doing a lot more reading, as I am now a blogger for Celebrate Lit. Celebrate Lit is an organization that focuses on publicizing books for authors to build their audience. I am very honored to be a part of this organization . Also, it gives me a chance to read more and explore different genres and authors, and may even help me to grow in my writing skills.  I am also working on a couple different projects and opportunities that I am so excited