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Review of Shadows of the White City by Jocelyn Green

 About the Book The one thing Sylvie Townsend wants the most is what she feared she was never destined to have--a family of her own. But taking in Polish immigrant Rose Dabrowski to raise and love quells those fears--until seventeen-year-old Rose goes missing at the World's Fair, and Sylvie's world unravels.  Brushed off by the authorities, Sylvie turns to her boarder, Kristof Bartok, for help. He is Rose's violin instructor and concertmaster for the Columbian Exposition Orchestra, and his language skills are vital to helping Sylvie navigate the immigrant communities where their search leads.  From the glittering architecture of the fair to the dark houses of Chicago's poorest neighborhoods, they're taken on a search that points to Rose's long-lost family. Is Sylvie willing to let the girl go? And as Kristof and Sylvie grow closer, can she reconcile her craving for control with her yearning to belong?  Book Review Admittedly, I have never read any of Jocelyn Gre

Ashes to Glory: The Celebrate Lit Blog Tour and Giveaway of Broken to Beautiful

  About the Book Book:  Broken to Beautiful Author: Jeannine Bennett Genre: Christian Nonfiction Release date: July 29, 2019   What do you do when life is unfair, all hope is lost and God seems absent? Life does not always turn out the way we hope. It is often unfair, filled with hurt and rocked by disappointment. Even as Christians we find ourselves wondering if God is really there. Jeannine Bennett is no exception; she understands all too well the struggles of life that hit so hard they take your breath away and leave you broken. But she’s also discovered that our greatest trials in life are always used by God for good, nothing we experience is ever wasted. In Broken to Beautiful, Jeannine invites us into her journey of how God captured her heart. With vulnerability, tenacity and humor, she helps us to recognize that brokenness is not the end of our story. God has a plan for each of us and it is beautiful. No matter how great your struggle, your loss, or your disappointment, God is

Warrior Princesses: The Celebrate Lit Blog Tour and Giveaway of Awakening

    About the Book Book:  Awakening Author: Beckie Lindsey Genre: YA fiction Release date: September 2020 Every girl has a secret she hopes the light will never find—but the demons already have. As four high school girls are faced with life-altering decisions, their new-found faith will be tested. Although warrior angels are assigned to guard and assist the unlikely friends, they must rely on their faith to withstand the evil Duke Astaroth and the beast’s demonic horde. Now that their spiritual eyes are open to daily battles between unseen forces of good and evil, lives are at stake. Lifelong friends Krystal and Bryce are finally an official couple. But can their love survive the greatest trial they’ve ever faced? Since Mackenzie’s mentally ill mother was hospitalized, she secretly worries that her deepest nightmare may come true. While best friends Tammi and Sadie continue healing from their abusive pasts, each wrestles with temptations that threaten to undermine their recovery.

Handholds and Footholds: The Celebrate Lit Blog Tour and Giveaway of Facing the Dawn

About the Book Book:   Facing the Dawn Author:  Cynthia Ruchti Genre:  Contemporary Women’s Fiction Release date:  March 2, 2021 Mara Jacobs has been struggling. While her humanitarian husband is digging wells in Africa and caring for widows and orphans, Mara has been battling the home front—working a demanding yet unrewarding job, trying to manage three detention-prone kids, and suffering from exhaustion and depression. Even her own marriage is deteriorating after a three-year separation. Then Liam’s absence turns into something more, changing everything and plunging her into a sunless grief. As Mara leans on those around her to find her way to healing and renewed faith, she discovers that even when hope is tenuous and the future is unknown, we can be sure we are not forgotten . . . or unloved. Facing the Dawn is an emotionally evocative novel that will resonate with readers’ lives and their life challenges. Hemmed in hope, this tender story will be one readers will not soon forget.  

Review of Of Sword and Shadow by A.L. Sowards

 About the Book Greece, 1379 She is known by many names, none of them her own. In truth, she is an unnamed slave, nothing more than a weapon in the hands of her own in his attempts to provoke political mayhem. When she encounters a handsome young man while on an assignment, she thinks little of him-until he attempts to take what she has stolen. But in her line of work, failure is not an option. Gillen is intrigued by the mysterious woman who thwarts his mission. But when his path crosses hers again, his intrigue turns to gratitude as the thief he comes to call Eudocia save his life. The two form a bond of friendship and join forces to wrest control from a group of ruthless rulers. But as their camaraderie blossoms into something more, Gillen and Eudocia must fight for love even as they wage war for a better future.  Book Review Amazing. Fantastic. Heart-pounding. These words don't even begin to describe how I felt about this book.  In this story, we travel to Greece in 1379 and mee