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Pawn to E4: The Celebrate Lit Blog Tour and Giveaway of The Traveler

  About the Book Book:  The Traveler Author:  E.B. Dawson Genre:  Crossworlds Fantasy Release date:  September, 2017 WHAT IF YOU COULD TRAVEL TO ANOTHER WORLD IN YOUR DREAMS? In the modern nation-state of Riyen, few people dream anymore, and those who do are prescribed medication. But when Anissa Robson begins to dream of a strange jungle after the death of her mother, she neglects to report it. Feeling lost and alone in the waking world, she embraces her new dream world, until reality begins to cross over. When Anissa stumbles upon evidence that her own government has known about Angapo for years, she uncovers a conspiracy that will change her life forever.   Click here to get your copy!   Book Review I had no idea what to expect going into this novel. I knew the overall premise intrigued me, but that was about it. And I do have to say, the author did a really good job creating these two worlds--the "real" world and the world Anissa dreams in--and weaving them together. She

The Fireborn: The Celebrate Lit Blog Tour and Giveaway of Of Fire and Ash

  About the Book Book:  Of Fire and Ash Author: Gillian Bronte Adams Genre:  YA Epic Fantasy Release date:  December 7, 2021 She rides a fireborn, a steed of fire and ash, trained for destruction. Ceridwen tal Desmond dreams of ruling like her father over the nation of Soldonia, where warriors ride to battle on magical steeds—soaring on storm winds, vanishing in shadow, quaking the earth, and summoning the sea. After a tragic accident claims her twin brother, she is exiled and sworn to atonement by spending her life—or death—for her people. But when invaders spill onto Soldonia’s shores and traitors seize upon the chaos to murder her father, Ceridwen claims the crown to keep the nation from splintering. Combatting overwhelming odds and looming civil war, she begins to wonder if the greatest threat to the kingdom may, in fact, be her. With fire before her and ash in her wake, how can she hope to unite instead of destroy?   Click here to get your copy!   Book Review Of Fire and Ash is a