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Freedom and Forgiveness: The Celebrate Lit Blog Tour and Giveaway of The Proposal

  About the Book Book:  The Proposal Author: Tanya Eavenson Genre:  Christian Historical Romance Release date: June 15, 2021   Oklahoma 1891 When the sheriff’s daughter goes into hiding from her father’s killer, her life isn’t the only thing in danger. Jessica Thomson is fleeing the man who killed her father. But her stagecoach is robbed, and when the stranger who rescues her declares she will be his wife, she does the only thing she knows to do—shove her revolver in his back. Never would she have expected he wore a star on his chest. Too bad she vowed never to love another lawman. As sheriff, Blake McKenny prides himself on protecting his town’s people from danger, but his efforts didn’t include a headstrong woman bent on putting herself in harm’s way. When outlaws threaten his town and put Jessica’s life in danger, Blake’s failure to save his late wife haunts him. Can Jessica and Blake forgive themselves for the past and protect each other—even if that costs them their hearts in the

In Everything Give Thanks: The Celebrate Lit Blog Tour and Giveaway of Every Window Filled With Light

  About the Book Book:   Every Window Filled with Light Author:  Shelia Stovall Genre: Contemporary Women’s Christian Fiction Release date:  April 2, 2021 Welcome to Weldon, Kentucky, where the only things the locals love more than fried pies are gossip and match-making. Librarian Emma Baker, a young and childless widow, believes her dream to build a family is over. It’s been two years since a student accidentally stabbed Emma’s husband to death, and her grief has stifled any interest in romance—until she meets Pastor Luke Davis. But when Emma learns Luke is counseling her husband’s killer fresh out of jail, her temper gets in the way. Meanwhile, Emma discovers twelve-year-old Harley, abandoned by her drug-addict mother, hiding in the library, and takes the girl in as her foster mom. Then a young mother is made homeless by an apartment fire, and Emma opens her home again. One person and one prayer at a time, Emma begins to discover hope. If Emma can yield and offer forgiveness to her h

The Girl with the Golden Voice: The Celebrate Lit Blog Tour and Giveaway of The Songstress

    About the Book Book:   The Songstress Author:  Lori Bates Wright Genre:  Christian Historical Romance Release date:  April 16, 2021 Rising opera star, Juliana Chamberlain, still has nightmares of the night she witnessed the assassination of the President of the United States from her spot on stage at Ford Theater. Recruited by The Pinkerton Detective Agency, Juliana was instrumental in bringing those responsible to justice. Now, two years later, the Pinkertons ask her once again to join forces in exposing a corrupt political organization terrorizing her home in Texas. Texas Ranger, Cade Matlock, has a job to do. He needs no help from a meddlesome diva with big ideas. However, he is a man of his word. He’s committed to partner with the lovely songstress to smoke out the mastermind of a dangerous clan who has proven he will stop at nothing to satisfy his thirst for vengeance. Cade and Juliana soon discover their greatest strength is in working together until shadows of the past threa

A Natural Born Leader: The Celebrate Lit Blog Tour and Giveaway of Ablaze

  About the Book Book:  Ablaze Author: M. Liz Boyle Genre:  Christian YA Release date: February 25, 2021   This summer the Stanley sisters and the Miles boys are excited to hike together again, and now they have the unique opportunity to help two of their ranger friends with an outdoor program in the beautiful Montana mountains. Marlee has always considered herself a willing follower. Give her a direction and she’s happy to help. Her older sister Ellie is a natural leader, and Marlee is content in her role as assistant. Marlee and her sisters have been assigned to help with Ranger Rose’s team, and they are savoring the adventure. But in a heartbeat while the group is divided by a few hundred feet, fire breaks out between Ranger Rose and Marlee’s group. In this enthralling finale to the Off the Itinerary series, Marlee must face her fears with courage that only God can provide.   Click here to get your copy!   Book Review  I read the first book in this series, and somehow missed out o

The Lost Lamb: The Celebrate Lit Blog Tour and Giveaway of The Captain's Quest

  About the Book Book:   The Captain’s Quest Author:  Lorri Dudley Genre:  Christian Historical Romance Release date:  June 22, 2021 Innocent mistakes can have dire consequences.  Pricilla Middleton only attended the Lemoore house party to keep her friend out of trouble. Now, her only chance to keep from becoming a gossip column headline is to sneak aboard her brother’s ship and pretend she’d been visiting him instead of taking part in the debacle. Before she can speak to her brother, the ship sets sail, and the man in charge is not at all who she expects. Captain Tobias Prescott, son of an infamous war hero, has been assigned on a critical mission to deploy warships in St. Kitts for battle in New Orleans. Unfortunately, his orders require him to assume command of a friend’s ship, and he must weigh anchor the instant the former captain is escorted down the gangplank. When they reach open waters, the last thing he expects is to find a woman hiding in the captain’s cabin, yet his mission