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Forgive or Just Forget?: The Celebrate Lit Blog Tour and Giveaway of Forget Me Now

About the Book Book:  Forget Me Now Author:  Alana Terry Genre:  Christian Mystery and Suspense Release Date:  July 19, 2019 She’s forgotten everything … including who it is that wants her dead. Mia’s trapped in a nightmare inside her own mind. After a brain injury leaves her unable to form new memories, all she knows is that entire months of her life are missing. Those closest to her are dead, and someone’s on their way back soon to finish the job. Heart-gripping, page-turning Christian suspense from the author whose books are called “intense,” “life-changing,” and “impossible to put down,”  Forget Me Now  is a psychological thriller with enough twists to keep you reading … and guessing … late into the midnight hours. Download your copy today for a fast-paced adrenaline rush you’ll never forget. Click here for your copy.   Book Review As someone growing up reading Nancy Drew, mystery has always been one of my favorite genres. The suspense, the intrigue, th

Update: I Survived Finals

Hey everybody! Sorry for the long wait for a new post. I'm trying to be more consistent but that hasn't worked out. Hopefully, over my winter break from school, I'll have time to read and review another book for you! Finals are finally over, and so I have a little bit more time on my hands. I also hope to be writing some more, since I haven't really gotten the chance due to school. My life has been quite crazy. I was accepted into Trinity Christian College and am so excited to be attending there Fall of 2020. I have been currently attending Waubonsee Community College here in Illinois. The experience at Waubonsee has been amazing for me, and if it wasn't for my English professor there, I probably wouldn't be majoring in English. I am so ready, though, to transfer over to Trinity. Just one more semester at Waubonsee, and then I am done! I honestly can't wait to see what my experience at Trinity will be like and the friends that I will make. I have also qu