Introducing Myself

As you can tell by the blog, my name is Rebecca. I am a college student, working towards a Bachelor's in English. I absolutely love to read and write, both of which come from my aunt and my grandfather. These loves of my life have led me to want to pursue writing as a career. I am very excited! I'm not really surprised that this is where my life is taking me, since I have been writing for over ten years now. I have mostly written novels but I also love poetry. Reading Shakespeare is one of my favorite past-times, and I cannot tell you how many poems I have actually written!

This blog, though, will mainly focus on book reviews, interviews with several different authors, and maybe even some book giveaways! I will also try to keep you updated on my writing career every once in a while. I am a busy girl-between school and working-but I will definitely try to put up a post twice a month.


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